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Reamers Bx/6 - SCHWED

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Schwed Reamers have their cutting edge along the extreme edge of their flutes. This instrument is used to shave dentine from the canal wall. The spiral flutes collect the dentinal shavings and carry them away from the apex. Reamers are used by rotating the instrument in a clockwise direction during insertion. They must be used in strict sequential order. If the reamer binds, it should be backed-off and reinserted until it can rotate freely and easily. Any distortion of the flute pattern is an indication to discard that instrument. Reamers have no cutting effect as they are withdrawn from the canal.

Instrument Specifications:

  • Blades are made of a special stainless steel alloy which is endowed with a high degree of elasticity and tensile strength
  • All handles are made of plastic, which are ISO color-coded and numbered according to size
  • Pre-inserted directional endo stops are color-coded to indicate length
  • Each instrument is designed for single use
  • 6 pieces per package