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Panavia F 2.0 - Kuraray

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PANAVIA F 2.0 is a self-etching; dual-cure; fluoride-releasing cement for use with metal; ceramics and metal-oxides (Zirconia) restorations. Available in both an Introductory and Complete kit (containing Alloy Primer and Ceramic Primer), PANAVIA F 2.0 has over 20 years of clinical success. By utilizing proprietary MDP technology, the product exhibits legendary bond strength and durability. PANAVIA F 2.0 is available in 4 shades: Opaque; Light; White and TC. Panavia F 2.0 is a universal resin cement which shows high bond strength for all indications and materials. The anaerobic-curing properties do not begin until direct contact has been made with the restoration. The smooth consistency makes Panavia F 2.0 a popular aid in daily practice, due to the user's self-defined working time. Even after releasing fluoride, the cement maintains its high mechanical strength, due to the special surface coating technology of the sodium fluoride.

Complete Kit Contains: 2.3 ml Paste A, 2.3 ml Paste B, 4 ml ED Primer II A, 4 ml ED Primer II B, 6 ml Oxyguard II, 2 ml Clearfil Ceramic Primer, 1 ml Alloy Primer, Accessories

Intro. Kit Contains: 1 ml Paste A, 1 ml Paste B, 1 ml ED Primer II Liquid A, 1 ml ED Primer II Liquid B, 1.5 ml Oxyguard II, Accessories