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K Files Bx/6 - SCHWED

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Schwed K Files have more than two times as many flutes per millimeter as reamers, and the flutes have a greater cutting angle. Because of this design, K files are more efficient instruments for the enlarging of the canal for the removal of dentine and debris. K Files can be used either in a filing motion or in a quarter-turn filing motion. Like reamers, they should be rotated only in a clockwise direction and should be discarded if any distortion of the flute pattern becomes visible. K Files must be used in strict sequential order.

Instrument Specifications:

  • Blades are made of a special stainless steel alloy, which is endowed with a high degree of elasticity and tensile strength
  • All handles are made of plastic, which are ISO color-coded and numbered according to size
  • Pre-inserted directional endo stops are color-coded to indicate length
  • Each instrument is designed for single use
  • 6 pieces per package