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Hedstrom Files Bx/6 - SCHWED

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Schwed Hedstrom Files have one continuous cutting edge which runs spirally from the tip of the blade toward the handle. This edge is extremely sharp which makes the Hedstrom File a very effective cutting instrument. The dentine scraped from the canal walls is collected in the chip space on the blade and is efficiently removed. Hedstrom files do not cut with their tips and have no cutting action on insertion. They are effective only on the pull stroke. Hedstrom files must be used in strict sequential order. Care must be taken to avoid rotating the instrument in order to prevent the possibility of a corkscrew effect, or instrument distortion.

Instrument Specifications:

  • Blades are made of a special stainless steel alloy which is endowed with a high degree of elasticity and tensile strength
  • All handles are made of plastic which are ISO color-coded and numbered according to use
  • Pre-inserted directional endo stops are color-coded to indicate length
  • Each instrument is designed for single use
  • 6 pieces per package