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EXACTA Flow-lc - Exacta Dental

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EXACTA Flow-lc is an advanced light curing flowable composite. EXACTA Flow-lc material is a versatile flowable composite with great strength characteristics with comparable physical properties to the best hybrid composites. The material is not too sticky and makes handling easy. The viscosity prevents the material from slumping, while still flowing on the surface for great coverage. EXACTA Flow-lc material cures in only 3 seconds with high speed cure lights or only 10 seconds with standard halogen lights. Many of our customers use EXACTA Flow-lc as an add-on material for EXACTA Temp Xtra, as the composite is shade matched exactly to the temporary material. Contains Fluoride. Very Radiopaque. Quick Curing. Syringe is 1.5g and comes with 5 needle tips.

Available Shades:

A1- 1-EFA1
A2- 1-EFA2
A3- 1-EFA3
A3.5- 1-EFA3.5
B1- 1-EFB1
Bleach- 1-EFBL
C2- 1-EFC2