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Estelite Sigma Quick Supra-Nano Filled Universal Composite

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Estelite Sigma Quick is a universal, supra-nano filled dental composite that utilizes 100% spherical fillers (82% by weight/ 71% by volume). This unique world-class technology delivers a flexible shade matching process, exceptional esthetics and long-term wear resistance. Utilizing supranano spherical fillers, one shade can invisibly blend within
several shades. Creamy, non-sticky consistency for easy handling. Extended working time of 90 seconds under ambient light, with only 10 seconds light-curing.

Syringe Refill: 1 3.8g

PLT: 0.2g X 20 Capsules

Opalescent shades have opacity designed to block out dark shine from the oral cavity in Class III and Class IV restorations, or to serve as a dentin layer for the multi-shade layering technique.

OA1 - Opalescent light
OA2 - Opalescent medium
OA3 - Opalescent dark

Shades OA1, OA2 and BW closely match shades of primary teeth, but are not designed for masking metal or darkly stained areas. OPA2 is a deeper opaque dentin replacement that can be used to mask slight stain or to reconstruct a highly opaque tooth.