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Biodentine - Septodont

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Biodentine is a calcium-silicate material used for vital pulp therapy. The calcium-hydroxide-releasing material is indicated for direct and indirect pulp capping procedures. Biodentine has adequate strength to be applied directly over the exposure site and develops enough strength to support occlusal loads for an extended period, typically 6 to 8 weeks. Biodentine preserves pulp vitality and promotes remineralization. A very tight seal ensures the absence of postoperative sensitivity, and the longevity of restorations. Sets in 10-12 minutes. Radiopaque.

Standard kit Contains: 15 x 700mg capsules, 15 x 0.18ml unit dose pipettes

Operatory 5-pack Contains: 5 x 700mg capsules, 5 x 0.18ml unit dose pipettes