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Bagette Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches - HuFriedy Group

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Bagette Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches - HuFriedy Group


Bagette Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches are constructed of high quality materials and thick seals to help prevent instrument and cassette tear through. 4 sizes have been specifically designed to optimally fit Hu-Friedy cassettes while 4 additional sizes are available for miscellaneous instrumentation.

Bagettes have both internal and external type 1 indicators printed directly on the pouches for both steam and EO sterilzation.


  • Process indicators located both internal and external to the instrument/cassette area respond to all sterilization variables: time, temperature and saturated steam.
  • Thick, strong seals protect against cassette and instrument breaches.
  • Medical grade paper provides strength and durability. Multi-layer blue film allows user to easily see any tears in film.
  • Thumb notch allows for easy opening of the pouch.
  • Wide self-seal adhesive strip easily and securely seals pouch to provide reliable seal.
  • Not made with lead or natural rubber latex.



  1. Insert cassette/item(s) in Bagette.
  2. Peel off strip.
  3. Fold over paper flap along crease.
  4. Press firmly from center to seal adhesive strip.

  • Designed for use in steam autoclaves and ethylene-oxide sterilizers.
  • Class 1 Process Indicator per ISO 11140-1. Responds to all criteria of time, temperature and saturated steam.
  • For steam sterilization: Indicator changes to Cocoa color. For ethylene oxide: Indicator changes to Gold/Brown. For complete color change guide visit
  • Pouches are designed to maintain the integrity of properly processed devices for up to one year as long as the pouch remains properly sealed, undamaged, and stored at temperatures between 59-95 farenheit (15-35 celcius), in an environment with relative humidity below 70%.
  • Lead and Latex free.
  • Caution: Not for use in dry heat sterilizers. Do not use if pouch material is damaged.
  • As a means of sterility validation, it is recommended to monitor the sterilization cycle with Biological Indicators as well as other means including (not exclusively) the measurements typically provided by the printout on the autoclave or EO sterilizer.